CtrlV is a production company that fills the need for a safe and secure entertainment environment for under 18’s in South Africa.
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Giving Back

Social Responsibility

Giving Back to our Community

Social responsibility is something close to our hearts, giving others the chance to have a future as bright as your child’s. $1 from every ticket sold will be donated to teamtrees.org campaign until the cut off date (January 1st, 2020) thereafter donations will be made to The Leonardo De Caprio Foundation Cultural Survival and Rainforest Protection initiative and Kotulong community centre.

See more on our charities below.

Kotulong Community Centre

Kotulong Community Centre

Kotulong Community Centre (KCC) was established in 2001, it is registered as a non-governmental, non-profit organization. The centre is situated in the Midvaal area, south of Johannesburg. After the conversion of a hostel into a community centre, Kotulong Community Centre centre was officially opened on the 18th March 2005.

Kotulong Community Centre focuses on community upliftment. They have three main programmes:

  • Child and youth care centre – offers support to children in the community.  Kotulong Community Centre has a particular focus on children affecter and infected with HIV/AIDS.
  • Sustainable Livelihood Development – the aim of this project to equip members of the community with skills so that they can make a living. The training course provides beneficiaries with a variety of practical and business skills. The centre also helps beneficiaries to register a business, gain access to funding as well as offering support and mentoring to enhance the chance of success.
  • Home Based Care – Kotulong Community Centre (KCC) offers home-based care as well as a small bedded hospice for terminally ill patients. Services such as Medical Care, Counselling & Support, Spiritual Care, Bereavement Counselling, Pain Management, Provision of Food Parcels, Physical Care & Hygiene, Information Giving and Advise,
    Assistance in Accessing Social Grants and Awareness Campaigns are available to the community. The centre has a large focus on TB and HIV/AIDS.

Visit their website to find out more: https://kotulongcc.wordpress.com/kcc-programmes/



The largest Youtube fundraising collaboration ever! Started by a popular YouTubers Mr Beast and Mark Rober this fundraising challenge has an amazing goal that aims to plant 20 million trees between January 2020 and December 2022. Hundreds of Youtubers from around the world have come together to support this initiative and create the #TeamTrees. The donations will go to the Arbor Day Foundation who will plant one tree for every dollar donated so the goal of 20 million trees will cost 20 million dollars. 20 million trees are estimated to cover 180 km2, wow! this is no small feat and they will certainly need all the support they can get.

Check out more on this amazing initiative on their site below.

The Leonardo De Caprio Foundation Cultural Survival and Rainforest Protection Initiative

There have been more than 72000 fires in the Amazon this year alone, that is up from the 40000 from last year The destruction of the Amazon rainforest is rapidly releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

We are destroying the ecosystem that absorbs millions of tons of carbon emissions every year and is one of the planets best defences against the climate crisis.

Earth Alliance founded by Leo De Caprio is aiming to protect all wildlife in the Forest and to push for climate justice and secure indigenous rights.

The increase in the number of fires in the Amazon is directly related to international deforestation and not the result of extremely dry season!!!


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